Is Your Website Killing Your Real Estate Business?

While up to 70% of your real estate business leads will come from your sphere and referrals, Internet marketing, including your website, can bring up to 10% of your business. This number is continually growing as new generations enter the market and older generations realize there is a lot they can do themselves before even picking up the phone to call you.

If your website is not set up right and you are not providing buyers and sellers the right information, you are not capturing these leads. We all know what that means in real estate: no leads, no money.

5 Rules for Your Real Estate Business Website

  1. The first thing visitors to your page should see is a full IDX search. They are coming to look for information; make sure they can find it easily and that they see more than just your own listings.
  2. You want to turn visitors into leads, so make sure you have a call to action and a form that is capturing their information. This could be as easy as a landing page with monthly email sign-up form.
  3. A blog is key when it comes to getting visitors to your page. Use fresh content to provide useful information to your clients and future clients. Just be sure the content is written in a way that it sounds like it is coming from you.
  4. Connect your website social media accounts. Social media is a big way to draw people’s attention to your services and keep them fresh in your mind.
  5. Make sure your website is easy to navigate. Videos, a blog, and listings are all great things to include on your website; however, make sure your website is not so busy that it is hard for visitors to find what they need.

What changes can you make today to improve your website in the areas of design, navigation and content?