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It’s About Them… Customers, Clients, Partners, and Prospects

Posted by Terry Bean

The sooner you figure that out, the more effective relationships you’ll have.  The more effective your relationships are, the faster your business will grow. 

Remembering this when it comes to your communications will set you apart from most other people we will meet. Why? Because most people haven’t contemplated this possibility: when you dig deep enough into yourself you will realize that we are all connected. As such, concern about others is genuinely self-serving at our highest level. It gives “selfish” a whole new meaning.  

That’s a little deep… Let’s move back up and head to the surface and make this really relevant to you.  

Kirk King, President of Halo Programs says, “You must have the drive and necessary skills for good communication, but without that burning desire to really help customers, partners and prospects by putting them first, it just does not work.” 

All business is relationship business and relationships continue based on some form common ground.  Common ground is uncovered through good communication skills. It’s important to ask good questions and vital to listen to the answers. It’s also important to share information the recipient will find of value. What’s amazing is how many ways we can do this: 

Face to face or voice to voice: It’s highly beneficial to let them go first. Regardless of how much you have to say, your message will be more focused if you learn about their needs before sharing your solutions. As an added bonus since you let them speak first, they will not be as concerned with what they have to say and will be really able to focus on you. 

Social media marketing: Status updates on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have become all of the rage. Sure it’s a great opportunity to share what you do. You know what’s more compelling and endearing then what you do? Why you do it. Why holds the passion. Passion not only keeps you excited about your job, but it is a very attracting quality. Tell me this about your business…is it more important that you know a bunch of people or that a bunch of people know about you and your business? 

E-mail and direct mail marketing: Both are great mediums to communicate messages that you know will reach your intended audience. Since this is more uni-directional, it’s important that you understand what the recipients will find of value. Then share it. The more information you share that is of value to them, the more responsive they will be. Direct mail and email campaigns are amazing ways to stay top of mind with your customers, business partners and network. If you implement a turn key marketing system, you will build customer retention and generate leads. 

As you can see it really doesn’t matter how you go about communicating with them as long as you remember that fact: you are communicating WITH them. That’s different than doing so AT them. 

Keep this in mind and create and maintain amazing business relationships.

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