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Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Go Hand in Hand

Marketing automation is a business strategy that can give you a significant edge in the acquisition, nurturing and conversion of new customers. Evidence continues to mount that a well-run and intelligently deployed system of marketing automation can produce substantial improvements in sales efficiency, lead generation, customer retention and conversion.

Here are some research results and statistics that can help you evaluate whether marketing automation would work for you.

  • Marketing automation increases revenue – This, of course, is the primary reason for using marketing automation. According to Chief Marketer, it’s been reported that revenue per sale can be increased by almost 30 percent using a marketing automation system. According to Marketo, almost 50 percent of sales attributable to marketing automation are larger than sales generated by other processes.
  • Marketing automation substantially increases lead volume – Using marketing automation for lead nurturing has been shown to increase qualified leads by 450 percent or more, according to the Annuitas Group. The number of prospects that ultimately convert to customers can be increased by more than 200 percent, according to ShipServ reports in a case study by Marketo.
  • Marketing automation increases efficiency – The automation of mundane tasks and other benefits of marketing automation can increase the efficiency of your sales staff, allowing them to focus more on productive tasks. Marketo says marketing automation can boost active sales time by more than 20 percent, and Nucleus Research says general sales productivity can be boosted by 14.5 percent.
  • Marketing automation shows quick return on investment – According to Business2Community, Focus Research found that companies using marketing automation typically see appreciable ROI within a year. A substantial 75 percent of companies see ROI on marketing automation within 12 months. Even more encouraging, more than 40 percent see ROI within six months. About 70 percent of companies report that marketing automation meets or exceeds ROI predictions.

Are you using marketing automation to improve your lead generation and conversion? Given these statistics, do you think a marketing automation program could bring you more customers and improve your revenue?

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