You’ve Set Lead Generation Goals, Now How Do You Achieve Them?

It’s easy enough to set lead generation goals, but the actual methods for finding and pursuing those leads can be somewhat more difficult to pin down. The following techniques outline several effective ways to let potential customers know about your company and what you offer.

Make it easy for your leads

In all cases, make the process easy and convenient for your potential leads. If leads have to struggle to respond or find information about your company, they won’t be left with a favorable impression and will be much less likely to respond or follow through with purchases.

Encourage lead generation goals by improving ease of response and interaction with these techniques:

  • Include postage-paid customer response cards or envelopes with marketing mailings or surveys designed to generate leads.
  • Provide an easily accessible customer response form on your website and with email marketing messages.
  • Add QR codes and/or PURLs to your print media and make sure they point to appropriate websites, landing pages or customer response forms or surveys.
  • Include your updated and preferred contact information in all marketing channels, including physical mailings, email messages, social media pages, websites, surveys and other communications. Customers are more likely to respond if your contact information is right in front of them when they receive your message. If they have to take the time to look up your contact info, they may get distracted with other tasks or lose interest.

Ask what they want

Include questions and provide enough response space for prospects or customers to tell you what they want from your company, what their current and future needs and requests are, what their most significant obstacles and pain points are, and what they hope to accomplish or solve by using your company’s products or services.

Request referrals

In marketing materials sent to existing customers, ask directly for referrals to friends or family members who might be interested in your company. Also ask for referrals in surveys or other lead generation materials, but take a more subtle approach.

Are your lead generation goals realistic? Are your marketing and lead generation materials designed to generate the greatest possible level of interest and response?

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