Lead Generation Techniques That Ensure Optimal ROI

An effective lead generation program is vital to the continued survival of any business. However, just generating leads isn’t enough; an appreciable percentage of the leads must be converted to paying customers to maintain an acceptable return on investment. Here are some lead generation techniques you can apply to your marketing to improve the ROI on your leads and ensure more sales.

  • Clean and update your lead database: The lead database you use should contain the most recent lead information and demographics. If you generate your own lead database, make sure it’s revised and updated on a strict schedule. If you acquire lead lists from brokers or outside sources, check the information by contacting the leads to ensure they’re still interested and that their listing in your database is correct. Delete unusable, old or incorrect leads from your database. Make sure your leads are verified before giving them to your sales personnel.
  • Evaluate and analyze your data: Conduct frequent detailed analyses and evaluations of your lead generation program and associated data. Understand your lead generation and sales goals and analyze results to make sure targets are being met. Know the characteristics of a verified and qualified lead and make sure your data reflects that those types of leads are being contacted.
  • Follow up properly: Contacts with leads should be followed up in a timely manner to keep your leads interested and aware. Simple follow-up can be handled by less experienced sales personnel. Leave the intricate business of convincing and converting leads to your best and most skilled sales representatives. Focus on developing a specialized lead generation team with high-level abilities in lead generation and appointment setting techniques.
  • Look to your past client database: One of the best sources of new leads is your past client list. The people who already know and trust you should be kept in touch with to strengthen that relationship and request information about what their current interests are. Satisfied customers may be willing to provide referrals to their family and friends, but you won’t receive these types of “hot leads” unless you ask for them.
  • Collaborate with the marketing department: Establish good relations with your company’s marketing department and encourage frequent collaborations between sales and marketing staff. Trade tips and useful information and understand where one division may have an advantage over the other. Combine the strengths of sales and marketing departments to ensure more leads and more frequent conversions.

How else can you revise your lead generation processes to improve your return on investment?

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