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Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Company? 7 Signs It’s Time to Say Yes

As companies grow and acquire customers, it gets more difficult to manually manage that expanding pool of customer data. If your operations are exhibiting any of the following signs, it may be time to establish a marketing automation program for your company.

  1. Conversions have decreased: If your email marketing is producing fewer conversions, it’s probably time to move away from generic messages to the customized, focused and relevant email marketing that automation can provide.
  2. You can’t identify and track what’s working: A marketing automation system will help you isolate and identify what parts of your email campaigns are working and with whom. It will also let you see what’s not working so you can stop wasteful campaigns, modify marketing messages or try different tactics.
  3. Your marketing messages aren’t reaching the right audience:Unfocused mail-and-hope marketing is a waste of money and effort. Marketing automation can help you narrow down the segments among your client base so that relevant offers and messages can be sent to the customers most likely to respond to them.
  4. Competition is increasing: Competitors who adopt marketing automation will have a significant advantage over you if you’re still using older manual techniques. Switching to a marketing automation system will help even the playing field or, if your competitors are still using manual methods, will give you the advantage.
  5. Costs are increasing: Time spent running reports, manually separating email categories or tracking down customer information can be substantially reduced with an automated system, freeing you and your employees to focus on profit-generating tasks.
  6. You need lead scoring: Marketing automation systems give you options for scoring and ranking leads according to relevant criteria. This helps your sales team determine which leads should be pursued and which can be saved for later or dropped entirely.
  7. Your marketing department needs a credibility boost: When you use marketing automation, you can provide hard data to back up the efforts of your marketing team. This improves marketing’s standing and credibility with other departments in your company.

Is it time to make the commitment to a marketing automation system in your company?

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