Marketing in the New Age: Tips for Real Estate Agents

Marketing for real estate agents is all about bringing new clients in and keeping in contact with your previous clients. Once upon a time, the best way to do this was via newspapers and holding prominent office space. These days it is likely that your future clients will head online to not only find you, but also to find out what you can offer them.

Here are three real estate marketing strategies you can use to gain an edge on your competition.

  • Integrate MLS with Your Website – Your real estate agent website should showcase not only the houses you have for sale but all houses available in the area. The best way to do this is by integrating the MLS into your website. This provides your customers with an easy way to search for properties and because they are on your website they will be more likely to contact you with any interest they may have.
  • Create a Blog –  Creating and keeping a blog is a great way to build relationships with future and past clients. Use your blog to provide useful information, you may want to include information on the local area, steps to selling, steps to purchasing and seasonal maintenance and cleaning tips. You can also add video to your blog which can help people get to know more about you and what you offer. By showing a little of your personality on your blog, clients will feel that they can relate to you. In this age of technology, relationship is important and a good blog is a great way to build this.
  • Direct Mail with Online ResponseDirect mail is a great way to find new clients. You can mail out eye-catching postcards in neighborhoods where you have just sold a home. You can also target new areas, sending out informational mail outs or targeted advertising. Direct mail is a great way to make initial contact with potential clients. Including a Personalized URL for each recipient provides a personalized page for prospects to respond. Of course you will also link to your website. This is a lead generation tool, and you will know if they’re interested in one of your properties or ready for a home market evaluation.

If you’re an agent, what real estate marketing strategies are working best for you to retain customers and generate leads?