Marketing Solutions

Free your mind and let Halo Programs generate leads for you.

  • Don’t worry about setting reminders, printing labels, licking stamps, or sending your own e-mail newsletters
  • Halo Programs will validate and maintain your customer database.

Halo Programs offers a variety of 100% turn-key customer retention drip marketing programs that are designed to generate leads, get referrals, up sell and cross sell your products and services and acquire new customers. All programs are highly personalized and provide valuable two-way communication between you and your customers through one to one marketing. Messages to your customers are completely customizable; we will deliver your specific message at the right time for a targeted drip marketing strategy. Halo Programs’ high quality materials are professionally designed to be warm and inviting to your customer’s eye. Additionally, Halo Programs provides cutting-edge lead generation services and customer tracking reports that allow you to manage and follow-up with your customers with ease and efficiency, as well as measure your customer satisfaction level.

No matter how busy you get, our marketing campaigns will help you stay in touch with your customers so you can concentrate on your current business activities without having to worry about cross selling and generating new business.

Grow your business by keeping in touch with your customers through our turn-key marketing solutions.

  • Stand out from your competition in the crowded market – be remembered.
  • Consistent communication helps improve brand equity.

Do you have Continuity?

Marketing programs that get results will balance three key factors to growth: Acquiring customers, retaining customers and extending customer relationships. These three factors work together to ensure that current customers stay with your business, but they serve another important purpose. They make sure that you’re top of mind for your customers so they recommend you without hesitation when friends and family ask for suggestions about products you offer. Prospecting programs target and attract new customers at a lower acquisition cost.

  • Keep in touch with your customers through our turn key customer relationship marketing tools and programs.
  • Extend customer relationships with effective cross-selling.
  • Generate high quality exclusive leads and referrals.
  • Receive invaluable direct feedback from your customers.
  • Stand out from your competition in the crowded market – customer relationship marketing makes you memorable.
  • Consistent communication helps improve brand equity.
  • Our comprehensive, turnkey marketing tools have helped businesses like yours succeed since 1973. All you need to do is get started – then we do the work for you!