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MyCRMDashboard Featured in Fintech Product Showcase by HousingWire Magazine

Halo Programs Provides Automated Marketing For LOs

MyCRMDashboard provides LOs an automated platform to stay in touch with borrowers

While it’s important for loan officers to win new business, it’s just as important to stay front-of-mind with past borrowers. Lenders have a poor track record of capturing repeat business, retaining less than 8% of their original customers, according to an article featured by the Mortgage Bankers Association.

After a loan is closed, many borrowers never hear from their LO again. To help lenders capitalize on this missed opportunity, Halo Programs developed MyCRMDashboard mortgage CRM — an automated platform that provides LOs a way to stay in touch with borrowers without spending countless hours doing it manually.

“We were driven by our users to develop and continuously improve an easy-to-use CRM exclusively for residential mortgage lenders,” said Kirk King, president of Halo Programs. “The super-slick user interface doesn’t require extensive training and every user is able to submit feature requests.”

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