Optimizing Your Conversion Rate With Customized Calls To Action

Online marketing is no different from other marketing in that it requires a call to action that encourages the customer to take the next step, whether that is contacting your company or making a purchase. Optimizing your conversion rate can be accomplished by recognizing the four main buying stages your site visitors may occupy, and then creating customized offers and calls to action that can move an interested visitor to the next stage.

  1. Browsers: Browsers are site visitors who are searching for generalized information. They may not have a particular reason for coming to your site apart from gathering knowledge about a subject and seeing what material is available online about it. These types of potential customers respond well to concise informational pieces such as short articles or a newsletter. You can issue a call to action asking them to enter a small amount of data about themselves, such as an email address, to get more information.
  2. Researchers: Researchers are actively looking for solutions for their business problems, but are still trying to find out who can best meet their needs. They may appreciate a detailed e-book, white paper, solution guide or other substantial source of insight. They are likely to respond to a call to action that asks them to complete a short form to get a case study or other relevant piece.
  3. Recommenders: Recommenders have generally established a short list of companies they’re interested in, but are not yet ready to go into the final sales process. To help convert these visitors, provide an online demonstration or offer a free trial of your product. Include detailed information on your services and how they can benefit clients who use them.
  4. Buyers: Buyers are ready to purchase and take the final step. Provide a call to action in a very direct way, such as offering a brief form customers can fill out to request contact from a sales representative or to ask further questions.

How are you optimizing your conversion rate? Are you making specialized offers and issuing customized calls to action to the four stages of buyers who visit your online site?

Image via Shutterstock.com