5 Ways Outsourced Marketing Can Improve Your Business Inside and Out

Small to medium-sized companies may be strained to devote the resources to the vital but expensive business function of marketing.

Here are five reasons why outsourced marketing is an effective solution when you’re unable to maintain an in-house marketing department but still want to benefit from the expertise of a marketing specialist.

  1. Building on what you already have: An agency will work with the sales and marketing resources you already have instead of insisting on starting from scratch with expensive new ideas, campaigns and techniques. A good outsourced marketing agency will make suggestions and recommendations but will also be capable of applying your current strategies and marketing assets to their best advantage.
  2. You know what to expect: A marketing agency will operate with defined goals and budgets in mind. You’ll know how much you’re spending each month and what you can expect to receive in return. This approach will be more cost-effective than hiring one or more in-house employees, which is almost always a more expensive option than using an agency that succeeds on its measurable accomplishments.
  3. Cost per lead is reduced: A marketing agency will use inbound marketing techniques to more effectively qualify the leads they generate, resulting in fewer but higher-quality leads. Methods such as direct mail, customer satisfaction surveys, search engine optimization, blogging, content generation, social media and opt-in email marketing will produce better leads at lower cost.
  4. Your marketing becomes more predictable and sustainable: A marketing agency will use multichannel marketing techniques to build a presence for your company both offline and online. By using proven techniques and the relationship-building opportunities they represent, your agency should create an ongoing source of customer interaction and lead generation that constantly works for you.
  5. You’ll save time, effort and money: Outsourced marketing will remove the stress of marketing while saving you time and resources. You’ll be able to concentrate on other aspects of your business while the agency works on your behalf. You’ll have access to a wider array of experience and skills that can be applied as needed.

Could your marketing be made more effective and profitable if turned over to an outsourced marketing agency?

Image via Shutterstock.com