7 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Plan

Personalized marketing could make the difference between a continuous flow of customers and a wasted marketing budget. The average person sees as many as 5,000 ads a day, so it takes something extra to grab attention.

These seven personalization techniques will set your messages apart from the noise. They’ll also help your customers develop the kind of emotional connection with your company that forms the basis of long-term loyalty.

  1. Interact on social media – Social media is just that: social. It’s a two-way conversation. Put a person, not a software system, in charge of responding to comments on social media. Make sure they’re equipped to address your customers’ concerns.
  2. Humanize your communications – Scrap the stale corporate-speak. Write as if you’re talking with one person, not a faceless customer base. Use your customers’ real names in your direct mail and email messages.
  3. Segment your email list – Target specific customer groups within your mailing list based on demographics data, buying behavior, or content interests.
  4. Address specific problems – Generic one-size-fits-all content rarely fits anyone well. Instead of trying to talk to everyone, create content that focuses on the problems of different individual customer profiles. Tailoring your content lets you dig deeper and create personalized marketing material that truly resonates with your audience.
  5. Fine-tune your landing pages – The better your website landing pages meet each prospect’s needs, the greater your chances of converting your prospects. For each customer profile, develop landing pages that provide relevant content in familiar language.
  6. Help them find what they need – Use your customers’ purchase history to recommend complementary products and services. Cross-selling and up-selling this way is easy with print and email campaigns that showcase defined groups of products or services.
  7. Say thank you – Sending your customers personalized thank-you cards after their purchases encourages more immediate purchases and fosters long-term loyalty. It also gives you a chance to ask your satisfied customers for referrals.

Have you tried out any of these personalized marketing techniques on your website, email messages or social media properties? If so, what kind of reactions have you noticed from your customers?

Image via Shutterstock.com