Prospecting Basics: Dos and Don’ts Every Realtor Should Consider

Prospecting is one of the most effective business development tools that can differentiate you, if you follow a system to do it the right way. Marketing activities like targeted emails or direct mail can help build your name and brand identity, but they need to provide convenient ways for the client to respond. When you engage in real estate prospecting, you also need to be in direct contact with the prospect to take them to the next step.

Do Talk to Prospects, Don’t Just Send — Follow-up

Prospecting is about talking directly with clients and prospects. Whether you’re calling leads you’ve received, talking to past clients or hosting an open house where you’re actively engaging with unrepresented buyers, you’re prospecting. Real estate prospecting should be supplemented with marketing activities like sending email campaigns, networking with vendors, and targeting your farm neighborhoods with colorful “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” direct mail pieces.

Do Prepare, Don’t Wing It

Having an idea of what you want to say before you get on the phone will help you to sound more confident. It will also increase the chance that you say everything you want to say. Whether you write a script or an outline, be sure to practice. Having a clear agenda is a key to successful prospecting.

Do Target Your Prospecting, Don’t Call the Phonebook

Whether you build your own lists or you use a targeted marketing campaign to build a real estate prospecting list, conducting random acts of cold calling isn’t a good use of your time. Starting with a list of people that are likely to be receptive to your services is a great way to make your prospecting time more effective. One way to target is to prospect around your listings and closings. Being able to show your success in the area and showcase the property that you transacted can make you even more effective.

Do Add Value, Don’t Call Without a Plan

Before starting your real estate prospecting, sit down and figure out how you will add value to everyone you contact. If you know that you’re adding value to the people that you contact, your confidence will come across in the way that you speak. You also won’t have to feel like you’re bothering the people you contact. Calling someone in the middle of dinner to sell them something that they don’t want is a bother, but contacting them with a solution to their problems is a gift.

Do Be Human, Don’t Be a Robocaller

All of these tactics work together to put you in a position to be successful in your real estate prospecting. If you call the right people with the right approach and the right attitude, you have almost everything that you need. The missing part is you. When you talk to prospects, be yourself. Letting your personality and passion shine through will make it easier for your prospect to relate to you. This makes it easier for them to do business with you. Halo Programs helps real estate agents build their businesses through direct marketing for prospects and closed clients. We can’t make your calls or staff your open houses for you, but we can help you send out targeted mailings and manage your customer database so that your real estate prospecting is more successful. Contact me to learn how we can help you close more deals.