Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: 5 Tips for Boosting Repeat Business

Every Realtor needs to ask themselves “How do I get former clients to work with me again?” While technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch, it’s the carefully nurtured personal connection that keeps people coming back. Try these tips for staying top of mind when your past clients decide to sell or buy again.

  1. Make past buyers or sellers lifelong advocates by immediately letting them know you appreciate their business. A thank you card and follow-up survey are two great starts. Clients should know you’re there to help them long after the papers are signed and the deal is closed. Automate as much of your follow-up program as possible to save yourself time.
  2. Repeat and referral business make up over 80 percent of all real estate agent transactions. Make it easy for clients to help you grow your business by including a subtle referral request with a link to a mobile-friendly form on all of your follow-up campaigns.
  3. Up your email game and get more opens by making sure your subject lines are short, conversational and personalized. More casual subject lines catch a reader’s attention and set you apart from the crowd. Asking a question also helps garner more clicks.
  4. There’s more to keeping in touch than emails and mailers. If you don’t already, use social media to maintain communication with past clients. Engaging on social media makes it easier for people to refer you, too. Schedule daily or weekly tweets and posts and don’t forget to respond when followers ask questions or make comments.
  5. Think long-term and offer something of value in every newsletter you send or blog post you publish. Use emails, listing flyers, postcards, and other direct mail campaigns to keep clients informed about local real estate updates, home improvement tips, and community news.

Turn Clients Into Advocates

A satisfying sale or purchase experience is great, but it’s not always enough. Use these real estate marketing tips to stay in contact with clients and they’ll reward you by becoming long-time, loyal customers and fans who are eager to help you succeed.