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Real Estate Marketing: How To Get Neighbors To An Open House

Some of the best referrals for buyers are living right next door. Neighbors, who may know of a friend, relative, or coworker looking to buy, can provide the best word-of-mouth real estate marketing for open houses. They may even be ready to list their own homes. Looking for ways to get these valuable ambassadors to attend your next open house? Read on.

Neighbors Only Special Event

The best real estate marketing takes some cues from the theatrical world. Capture an audience’s attention, engage and entertain them, and deliver a delightful experience they won’t soon forget. Creative signage, hand-delivered private tour invites, and a little food and drink set the stage for a perfect “Neighbors Only Open House” and will start building interest in a listing.

Other ideas include door-hangers, a “Just for Neighbors” sign-rider on your for sale sign, and flyers and/or postcards left in local businesses.

The neighbors who attend will share with any friend or family member who may want to live there. The crowd may be smaller than the one that comes to your main event open house, but the resulting buzz factor you’ll receive from an “exclusive” showing can be far more effective in landing a buyer.

Looky-Loos Welcome!

A savvy listing agent welcomes any and all neighbors to an open house, even those who are there to simply peek out of curiosity. These neighbors may, at first, not seem like valuable leads, but may end up sharing vital neighborhood information an agent can use to better market the house and area. And, who knows, it might turn out to be the perfect property for someone they know after all.

For a master real estate agent, a neighbors-only open house can be a great addition to her or his real estate marketing strategy. Done right, it’s an effective way for agents to get the neighbors on board their listing campaign and, hopefully, inspire a quick sale and attract future clients.