Increase Buyers' Commitment

Real Estate Marketing: How To Increase Buyers’ Commitment

Typical real estate marketing is like all other marketing in that it includes a conversion funnel in which, step by step, you try to convert a generated lead into a prospect and then a customer. The goal is to make the process as streamlined and comfortable as possible for the potential buyer. Sellers are also urged to use certain techniques to overcome a buyer’s objections.

The funny thing is, though, that research has consistently shown this is not how people buy. Rather than moving down through a funnel, buyers tend to work in parallel streams. They concurrently engage with and explore websites, social media, and review sites.

The Buyer-Seller Relationship

Studies show that buyers value mutually beneficial relationships that involve an emotional connection with the seller. If you want to increase buyers’ commitment, your real estate marketing strategy must focus on how to make the emotional connection buyers are looking for.

The best committed buyer relationships are a result of trust and satisfaction. It sounds simple, but is more complex than it appears. Satisfaction is based on two fundamentals: economic ones and non-economic ones, which are the social aspects that are emotionally fulfilling and gratifying.

Personalized Real Estate Marketing

Think about it. While financial concerns play a role in a buyer’s decision to purchase a home, home ownership itself is a deeply personal decision based on feelings. Over 95 percent of Americans say owning a home is important to them and, when asked, say that finding the right home is crucial to their happiness.

It’s true that consumers are increasingly sophisticated about real estate. In fact, many of them come to you fully armed with impressive research. But they still look for advice and guidance from real estate professionals, hoping you’ll help them make the right choice. Personalized real estate marketing is a highly effective strategy for building trust and increasing a buyer’s commitment – and a sure way to make the emotional connection buyers are looking for.