Secrets to HVAC Cross Media Marketing

June 2013 Issue

The Secrets to Cross Media Marketing for Your HVAC Company

Cross media marketing keeps your HVAC customers active and engaged with your company. Using this strategy, you can stay in touch with your clients continuously and in their preferred manner. By doing so, you keep that crucial relationship dynamic alive.

Cross media strategies shore one another up by using a variety of media and channels to connect with consumers. Well planned and well timed, permission-based, multichannel communications keep your business “front of mind” with clients.

Individual cross media campaigns should generate leads by promoting and cross-selling key products and services. Overall, cross media strategies position you as a trusted resource, ready when clients need information, advice or service.

Keep these secrets in mind as you plan your cross media marketing tactics:

Connect with customers, wherever they are. Don’t lose sight of why you’re using multiple marketing channels. Need to reach customers who don’t necessarily read their email? Chances are they spend a good chunk of time on Facebook. For those clients who don’t notice you on those channels, you may reach them with a card via good old snail mail. One thing is for certain, practically everyone will go online to research HVAC businesses or topics when their A/C blows up in the middle of summer. That’s why your website’s SEO is an essential component of your multi-pronged strategy. No matter where your audience is, no matter when, you need to be there.

Build trust and brand recognition with a unified message over multiple channels. Adopting a cross-media focus offers variety, which raises your chances of connecting with clients. For instance, you send your e-newsletter monthly and you might also build in a nice useful “surprise” greeting or discount now and then. Make sure all communication is well tied in with your brand and easily recognized as coming from your company. A cross media example: Tweet topical HVAC news, such as a new local power company program or tax credits. Do so when the news first comes out and again when it’s most useful, like before year’s end when the credit or program expires. Another time, use another channel: send an unexpected discount coupon for the client’s birthday — via U.S. mail for a change. This is likely to get a reaction from customers you haven’t heard from in a while.

Plan customer retention campaigns and overall strategy in advance. Although these tactics may appear spontaneous to the receiver, make sure you’re following a unified “calendared” plan. Be flexible enough to include new channels as they appear and current news or events.

Utilize cross media marketing to cross-sell, gain repeat business and get hot leads through referrals. Take the opportunity to sell services and products in between customer emergencies. Often in the HVAC industry, emergencies are when customers normally reach out to you — assuming you’ve remained connected as a familiar, trusted resource. Marketing through multiple touch points helps even out cash flow, filling formerly slow seasons with preventive maintenance calls or energy efficiency evaluations, for instance. These tactics spur sales in another important way — you’ll get referrals by staying visible.

Budget your time…and preserve your budget. Make time to utilize important media and communication channels. If you’d like to test a new channel or more effectively manage all your customer marketing, consider hiring a specialized marketing firm. Choose a company that understands the HVAC business.

Evaluate your ROI. Monitor to determine which channels and campaigns yield the best results for the time and money spent. Then concentrate on those. Regularly assess results, then adjust your budget allocation and marketing mix accordingly.

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