Spring lead generation: Utilize the changing seasons to entice new clients

April 2013 Issue

Spring lead generation: Utilize the changing seasons to entice new clients

Spring is here and besides refreshing showers and beautiful flowers, it brings HVAC companies a unique opportunity to generate new business. Consider using the following proven lead generation and retention strategies that work especially well in springtime.

Seasonal sales and customer retention program

For new lead generation and to build a relationship with your existing (and hopefully repeat) customers, send out a seasonal spring mailing. Keeping in touch is important, as is offering needed, relevant and timely problem-solving advice. In this way, your communications will be welcomed. You’re building a trusting, valuable relationship and becoming a resource for customers to turn to again and again. Lifetime customer relationships provide you with repeat sales and strong referrals.

If you haven’t been selling the benefits of preventive maintenance services, you’re missing out. Increase your efforts by informing customers about the advantages of semi-annual equipment upkeep and inspection. Let them know that they’ll gain greater piece of mind, save money in the long run with lower monthly energy bills and extend the life of their home comfort systems.

Once you’ve filled your spring schedule with air conditioning tune-ups, turn preventive maintenance visits into upsells.

Upsell to repairs or new equipment

As your technicians visit customer homes for seasonal preventive maintenance, they’ll find that many need repairs and could benefit from new equipment. Create a procedure for the technicians to ensure they’re checking the most likely parts of the system for wear and malfunction. The procedure should include a report to the client at the end of the visit, listing all services performed, so the customer can easily see the value they’ve received. Then the tech should outline any equipment that is older, worn and inefficient and may need replacing soon.

The technician — or your salesperson in an after-the-fact follow-up phone call — should explain how the client can save money in the long-term by scheduling their major repair or replacement now rather than later. If replacement isn’t possible, try to offer other options for the client, such as repair. Insisting the replacement is the only way, if it’s truly not, can ruin any trust established between you and the client. If repair is a stop-gap measure, explain this. Try not to speak to the client in jargon. Explain in a way that’s easily understood. Any safety issues should be emphasized, like refrigerant leakage and possible consequences.

Cross-sell to air quality testing, improvement and home performance services

Include a basic air duct and home performance inspection in your seasonal preventive maintenance checklist. Your tech can suggest or recommend duct cleaning services and an energy audit if necessary, educating the customer about IAQ and the consequences of poor air quality and lack of ventilation. Once again, the sale can be handled with a follow-up call from a salesperson instead.

Leave a brochure

Create leave-behinds or brochures about major home comfort issues like poor IAQ, home performance energy audits, or repair versus replacement of equipment. Your tech can leave the appropriate materials with the client after spring maintenance so that he or she can review them in detail. A follow-up sales call or “How did we do?” email or direct mailing can refer to the brochures. 

An easy, natural lead-in to a sales conversation is asking the client if they have any questions about their maintenance visit, about suggested upgrades or about brochure information. Extra printed versions of your seasonal mailer or newsletter can be sent to new phone contacts or for techs to distribute to neighbors, placing on doors and porches after a service call.

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