Virtual Open House
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The Virtual Open House Is Changing Real Estate Marketing

Open house visits can be a fun way for buyers to explore a new home. But a high-tech approach to the traditional Sunday search is gaining speed and offers just as much, if not more, entertainment value. The best part? It also helps real estate agents increase their listing’s exposure and makes their efforts more successful. The virtual open house is a terrific way to offer listing tours and set yourself apart from the less tech-savvy competition.

Add Virtual Open Houses to Your Real Estate Marketing

Imagine a prospective buyer sitting at home, yet touring a home’s kitchen and living room before heading upstairs to check out the new master suite with deck. They then step outside to view the backyard and surrounding neighborhood.

The benefits to real estate agents are many:

  • Lookie-loos who take up your time in person are eliminated.
  • More qualified buyers are attracted to the home.
  • A new world of exposure is opened to buyers in other states or countries.

And homeowners love that they don’t have to leave the house every Sunday – or keep it spotless at all times! Buyers appreciate a more efficient process and the reduced stress when buying remotely.

Outperform the Competition

Real estate agents shouldn’t worry about taking themselves out of the picture. As much as virtual open houses, along with video series, are changing the real estate marketing game, they’re no replacement for your expertise. Buyers and sellers still need personal interaction and a real, live person to talk them through the details. But, virtual reality can make your job a little easier and a lot more productive.

It won’t be long before most realtors are tapping into the world of virtual open houses. To ensure your properties sell as quickly as possible for the best possible price, there’s no better time than the present to embrace what this exciting technology has to offer.

Include Links on Your Postcards

Be sure to include links to your virtual open houses on your just listed and open house invitation postcards, as well as your listing flyers.