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Tips for Effective Lead Management and Follow-up

For every business, a steady source of leads is vital to the ongoing success of the enterprise. Good leads should not be considered a one-and-done source of sales. Effective lead management and follow-up will ensure both a steady source of new leads and repeat sales with high levels of satisfaction from your existing customers.

  • Find and nurture leads in many media: The proliferation of electronic communication options today offers numerous media where leads can be found. Prospect for leads via your website, through email, from phone contacts and through the multiple channels of social media. Nurture leads through consistent contact and offering of valuable information until they become ready to purchase from you. Systematic drip campaigns are a great way to reach out to your prospects and keep them moving down the sales funnel.
  • Review and adjust lead sources: To keep your lead generation fresh and functional, review your lead sources at least every quarter and identify where most of your leads have been coming from. Track these leads via an identification system that lets you know where each lead stands in the process, from cold and just looking to hot and ready to buy. Focus additional attention on the areas that have produced the most leads for you.
  • Take care to understand your customers and leads: Find out all you can about your customers and leads, including what they’re interested in, what their problems and pain points are, and what kinds of products and services they believe will alleviate their trouble. Help your leads and customers understand what you can provide for them and how your offerings are the best solutions for them. Offer information, advice and material that will build confidence and trust in you.
  • Track and follow up on successful leads: Determine what leads were turned into customers and track the characteristics that contributed to their conversion. Follow up with customers to maintain contact and sustain your relationship. If you continue to interact with your customers with good after-sale service, you’ll achieve high levels of satisfaction and top-of-mind awareness for the next time they need what you offer.

What can you be doing in your marketing and sales processes to improve lead management and follow-up?

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