Unlocking the Potential of Your Client Database with Automated Real Estate Marketing

Managing, overseeing, and staying in touch with your audience of contacts and customers is rarely easy. With so much data to interpret and expectations to meet, it’s not uncommon for companies of all sizes to experience some degree of strain as they try and keep up with their customer’s needs. This is where automated marketing programs can help.  

When you automate your real estate marketing programs, not only will you be able to streamline your client database management, but you’ll also be able to expand and diversify it by automatically generating high-quality leads.

Unlocking Your Client Database

Having a large list of contacts and clients is great, but if you’re not equipped with the tools to manage them, then you can miss out on a wealth of potential business. With an automated real estate marketing program, agents can easily keep track of their existing database, automatically generate new leads, and continue to nurture their existing customers.

Building and maintaining relationships are crucial steps toward gaining referrals. Automated marketing is one of the best tools you can to use increase your efficiency and make sure no one slips through the cracks.

Automated Success

There are few things more important in the real estate industry than following up with clients and prospects. Building healthy business relationships with your clients means staying in consistent communication with them so that when they’re ready to do business again, they remember you.

However, as anyone in the real estate market can tell you, staying in touch with your existing clients while also trying to generate new prospective customers is often time-consuming. This is where MyLeadDashboard can help, as this system was specifically developed to make the entire real estate marketing process as simple and intuitive as possible.

MyLeadDashboard is a one-of-a-kind real estate marketing tool that takes ownership over much of the busywork that comes from managing your client database, allowing you and your agents to better pursue interpersonal sales and other customer prospecting opportunities. This real estate marketing tool also comes equipped with features like:

  • MLS/API integrations
  • An intuitive menu for easy navigation
  • Reporting and metrics dashboard
  • Automatic “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” prospecting
  • Automated client follow-up programs
  • Easy contact and activities management
  • And more!

With MyLeadDashboard, you can automatically perform marketing actions—such as sending out customer satisfaction surveys, delivering thank you cards, and emailing holiday greetings.