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7 Ways to Use Your Firm’s Business Card as an Effective Marketing Tool

Your business cards easily communicate your company’s basic information, but because they’re so common, they can easily be lost, ignored or forgotten. Here are seven ways to make your business card more interesting and more effective as a marketing tool.

  1. Increase its usefulness: Make your card serve double duty and it’ll be more likely to be used and talked about. Add a calendar, make it into a bookmark, print a perpetual coupon on the back or offer something else that’s unique and unexpected.
  2. Boost your credibility: Include a testimonial or quote from other satisfied customers. This will give your prospect immediate insight into the experiences of other customers and make you look more credible and reliable.
  3. Educate and surprise: Present an interesting fact or startling statistic related to your company or industry. Print a compelling question on the front and include the answer on the back. Use these tidbits of information as conversation starters.
  4. Endorse your causes: Demonstrate your interest in social causes by adding a statement of support on your card. Someone who supports the same groups you do will immediately have more reason to like you. Be aware of what messages you’re sending, however; a political or social statement made to the wrong person could backfire.
  5. Include a photo: Put your photo on your business card to put a human face on your company and boost familiarity and likeability. You’ll also be more likely to be recognized in the future if your photo is familiar.
  6. Track its effectiveness: Include a QR code or SKU that can be used to acquire coupons or discounts. When recipients check out your site, you’ll be able to gauge the effectiveness of the offer and the card design.
  7. Be memorable: Make giving someone your business card an occasion they’ll remember. As you present your card, ask about topics important to the recipient, such as their business needs or their personal interests. Tell the recipient when you’ll follow up to see what you can do to help them solve their problems.

What could you do to increase your business card’s effectiveness as a marketing tool for your company?

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