Real Estate Email Newsletters

Using Email Newsletters to Build Relationships

Real estate email newsletters are an extremely effective and powerful tool for building relationships with past, current, and future clients. In a world obsessed with social media, it may come as a surprise that email marketing is still the number one way to generate leads, opportunities, and sales. And the statistics back it up: among those who use email as a central part of their real estate marketing campaigns, about half say it is directly linked to their brand’s primary revenue source.

Statistics also show that consumers like receiving email newsletters, provided they come from people they know and trust. Your real estate email newsletters will work wonders for building client relationships if you acknowledge that trust and consistently deliver quality content.

Email Newsletters That Build Relationships

Email marketing campaigns meant to build relationships are about much more than sending your latest listings to your subscribers. Key to forming long-lasting relationships through newsletters is making sure they offer something of value so that readers look forward to receiving them on a regular basis. Here are three simple ways to get started.

  1. Make it personal through segmentation, personalization, and by using a friendly writing tone. Segmentation lets you target each individual’s interests and problems, personalization lets your subscribers know you understand them, and a friendly writing tone gets a better reception from readers.
  2. Stay in touch. If someone trusts you enough to sign up for your newsletter, you owe it to them and yourself to keep the relationship going by staying in regular touch. Make sure to send your real estate email newsletters at the same time every week, bi-weekly, or month. Keep the formatting consistent and be sure to test for open rates.
  3. Gain trust. You build relationships through email the same way you do in real life: over time. Consistency will get you the trust you need to boost leads, listings, and referrals.

Use these effective email newsletter techniques and, over time, you’ll increase loyalty and nurture long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.