Using Instagram for Real Estate Marketing Piques the Interest of Socially Savvy Buyers

One could argue that real estate professionals and Instagram are just made for each other. All people are attracted to images, of course, and especially those looking to buy a home or rent office space. Using Instagram for real estate marketing provides a free and easy way to share photos and short video clips of your listings instantly, and often. Since Instagram is a) wildly popular and b) part of Facebook, you know it gets lots of attention. Instagram for real estate makes perfect sense in today’s mobile society, with people out and about, scouting new homes and properties. There’s a version of the app for Android, the iPhone and Windows phones, and also an Instagram website. Here’s how real estate agents and brokers can put Instagram to work today: Post Content

  • Show off a listing’s best aspects and details. Use provided filters to enhance the images you snap.
  • You can post short, 15-second, video clips, too.
  • Build your brand. Post photos that give personality to your brand, building a relationship with your followers. Reveal behind-the-scenes shots of your business and staff, and photos of community or charity events you’ve participated in.

Share and Be Found

  • Share far and wide. Post your photo on related social networks with just a click, including Facebook (naturally), Foursquare, Flickr, Twitter and more.
  • Provide essential hashtags for explorers. The ‘Explore’ tab is how users search for photos of interest. Use only the most relevant tags for your photos in order to target the right audience. Too many tags can turn people off.
  • Use the badge. Add Instagram’s badge (linked button) to your website. Choose from a variety of styles.

Provide Value and Establish Your Expertise

  • Map it out. The photo map feature allows users to see where your shot was taken, and map out a string of open-houses, perhaps. Show expert credentials by posting images of properties and other interesting sites in your key area(s).
  • Give advance and insider info. Post photos before they’re on MLS. Users of Instagram will have a keen incentive to follow you to get that first sneak peek.
  • “Talk up” the neighborhood – using images. Add a little local color, so prospects can visualize themselves living in the area you represent. Reveal little known but wonderful conveniences and profile interesting places in neighborhoods you specialize in.
  • Optimize your Instagram profile. Not just on mobile anymore, Instagram now offers Web profiles with a selection of photos and your bio which users can like, follow and comment upon. Share your Instagram link (

Stir the Pot and Generate Action

  • Interact. Remember, Instagram is a social network, so explore (search) it to find local users and follow relevant hashtags, comment on other’s photos and answer any questions left on your images. Getting actively involved in the network helps to spur interest in your business and properties, and promotes forwarding/sharing.
  • Promote. Consider running visual contests, like “upload a photo of your favorite landmark or architectural wonder in our city.” Encourage clients to upload a photo of themselves in their new home sold by you. You’ll soon have a scrapbook of happy clients, which also serve as visual testimonials.

Offline Marketing with Your Photos

  • Direct mail, including “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” postcards, mailers, or flyers are still a great way to complement your online social media marketing. Even though there’s a lot of buzz right now about Instagram, there are only 150 million active monthly users. How many of those users are in your target market?

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