What Is Your Client Follow-Up Program Missing?

For any business, the client follow-up program is a vital aspect of theĀ marketing strategy. In addition to repeat business from the client database, follow-up should also bring you referrals. Anytime you communicate with your valued clients, you should be asking for referrals. But you must do more than just include the request in an automated system. To have a truly effective client follow-up system, you must combine timely marketing messages with personalized contact that is tailored to each individual client.

Categorize clients

You can better track the effectiveness of your follow-up efforts when you put your clients into categories. Use codes to indicate products or services they asked about, their geographic location, and other notes about their interests, family, or buying habits. When you compile useful information about your clients, it allows you to include more personalized messages and special touches in your client follow-up program.

Prepare clients for follow-up

Let your clients know in advance that you will be touching base with them. Specify what you will follow-up on and how often. This way, when your clients do get the promised contact, there will be a fulfilled promise that improves their perceptions of your service. The Harvard Business Review says the number-one complaint customers have about any business they deal with is inadequate follow-up. People are more likely to talk about a negative experience than a positive one. To generate referrals and good word-of-mouth, you must be proactive.

Use adaptable templates

In this world of automation and advanced technology, people still want to do business with peopleā€”better yet, people they know and trust. Be conversational with your client follow-up program. Use individual names whenever possible. Offer your clients something special on the anniversary of them first doing business with your company. Too often, companies reserve incentives for new customers, taking for granted the business of existing clients and customers.

Ask clients how often they want to hear from you. Some may appreciate weekly contact and others only want the most essential communications. The best client follow-up program combines personalized service with timely communications.

Here are some examples of enterprise level client follow-up programs.