Why Automated Marketing for Loan Officers Works

The purpose of marketing is to generate leads to possible customers. Because the time between mortgage loans can sometimes span years, you need to stay fresh in the minds of both past and potential customers, and at the same time differentiate yourself from the competition in a positive way.

That’s why automated marketing for loan officers works. It does three things:

  1. enables you to stay connected with past customers
  2. builds on your relationship with referrals and other contacts that could lead to conversions or new referrals
  3. gets your brand out there for potential new customers

Stay connected.

Automated marketing keeps you connected with regular mailings, both by direct mail and email, to your customer list so you become part of their circle, not just the guy who did their loan. By using an automated system and interesting content, you’re able to keep regular and properly timed contact so that you stay fresh in their minds without being overbearing or obnoxious. Starting with an appropriately timed client satisfaction survey, followed by spaced out communications, your email or letter will be a welcome surprise and not an annoyance.

Build on your current relationships.

In addition to sending out mailings to past customers, an automated marketing plan can reach out to everyone in your database. Marketing touchpoints should be personalized to each recipient and customized with your brand and content. Types of effective media include lead generating surveys, greeting cards, e-newsletters and e-cards, timed so that your contacts understand you value their opinion and their time.

Reach out to potential customers.

An automated system can also use your contact data and sales history to look into online real estate information and identify potential customers that fit your profile of the loans you’ve already done. Again, you’ll be sending out marketing to people who will see your mailing as something familiar and relevant to them as buyers.

Automated marketing for loan officers works because you can maintain consistent communication with your contacts and use your database to expand your reach. Rather than being an impersonal approach, automated marketing increases your visibility and strengthens your connection to your base. It really is the best way to market.