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3 Marketing Tips for Growing Your Plumbing Company

Everybody needs a great plumber, but people don’t always know how to find someone who can deliver high-quality service with a smile. That’s why plumbing company marketing is so important. As a leader in your company, you have to put yourself out there so people will know and trust your brand.

Think it sounds easier than it really is? Here are a few plumbing company marketing tips to help you get your business growing:

1. Always follow-up after you’ve completed a service.

The easiest way to grow your company is to keep existing customers happy. By following up with your customers after you’ve finished a job, you’re showing them that you’re invested in the quality of work you deliver, and you care what your customers think.

  • Send thank you notes shortly after the job is finished.
  • Utilize customer satisfaction surveys to learn about your advantages and opportunities.

2. Incentivize referrals with a rewards program.

A happy customer is more likely to pass your name along to a neighbor if there’s something in it for them. Referral marketing can mean big things for your brand, so consider offering incentives, discounts, or gift cards to customers who are kind enough to give you a referral.

3. Target optimal referral sources.

Of course, any customer is a great customer, but some sources of income may be more fruitful than others in the long run. As part of your lead generation efforts, target customers that are more likely to spread the good word about your business.

For example, HOAs are often interconnected webs of referrals if you do a great job. Restaurant owners also tend to run in tight circles. Look for connectivity in your customers, and capitalize on that closeness.

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