Contractor Marketing

Diversifying Your Contractor Business to Expand Your Market

“You should never put all of your eggs into one basket.”

This is a phrase entrepreneurs have heard time and time again. As a contractor, you are already a jack-of-all-trades, so how do you diversify your business so you can optimize your contractor marketing efforts and take advantage of the additional revenue streams just waiting for you to find them?

Here’s how!

Investigate the Remodel Market

If your current customer base consists of homeowners who need regular maintenance, repair, and upkeep, you may be missing out on a significant revenue stream that revolves around remodeling.

Fortunately, the days of cheap house flips are mostly behind us, and people who want to remodel their homes these days are looking for truly valuable products and services that can elevate their home’s value.

Adjust your contractor marketing efforts so you tailor to people who are ready to invest in their homes, and you will reap the rewards when the remodels are finished.

Join a Co-op

The best way to diversify your business is to team up with folks who already specialize in functions complementary to what you do. Contractor co-ops offer ample opportunities to network, split the marketing bills, and build upon your customer base.

If you can’t find a contractor co-op around you, start one!

Ask for Upsells and Teach Your Team to Cross-Sell

Build upon your existing client base by enhancing customer experiences and expanding your current offerings.

This point is two-fold:

  • First, you must survey your customers and receive feedback in order to understand what people want and need. With this information, you can build a better business and expand your current offerings.
  • Second, you must train your staff appropriately so they can cross-sell and close the upsell, solidifying your new business channels.

Are you trying to up your contractor marketing ante by diversifying your business to expand your market? This is a good place to learn more about tips, tricks, and industry insights that can propel your contractor marketing efforts into success!