Real Estate Marketing Communication

3 Steps to Better Real Estate Marketing Communication

2017 is here and most real estate agents will be thinking about how to increase their amount of leads and how to market to those leads. With so many agents out there it is important to stand out a little. There’s no use sending postcards if they look like every other agents. The following three tips can help you communicate better in your real estate marketing this coming year.

Three Steps to Better Real Estate Marketing

  1. A Little Personality Doesn’t Hurt – It is ok to show who you are in your marketing. In fact, people love to see authenticity. If you are a dog lover, have a picture of you with your dog. If you are always out and about helping in the community, go ahead and play that up. Show some personality in your marketing this year and people will relate to you easier.
  2. Bring Value – Always bring value. Don’t market with the intent of the client bringing value to you, do the opposite. Neighborhood stats, local business interviews, events, and other things happening in the community can all bring value to your client. Bringing value makes it more about the person you are marketing too and less about you.
  3. Be Consistent – Don’t just send out one round of marketing material and expect results straight away. It is all about consistency. Set a schedule you can afford and stick with it. It can take nine+ months of consistent marketing before you may see results.

Alright, now that you have three steps to put into action for better communication through your marketing in 2017, it is time to do just that!