HVAC business development

Engaging Your Service Teams in Business Development

If your employees aren’t committed to your cause, you’re going to lose out on valuable opportunities to grow your company. To solidify your HVAC business development plan, these strategies should help get your service teams engaged in the process:

1. Ask for your team’s input — regularly.

No business, no matter the industry or size, will ever be able to engage its employees if the leaders don’t welcome input.

Remember, your techs are your frontline employees, and they’re the ones who encounter objections, field questions, and have valuable advice to offer.

If you want your service team members to be engaged in your business, listen to them with open ears, and take actions to implement strategies that come from your techs.

2. Give credit where credit is due.

Even the most humble humans appreciate a pat on the back. Foster a positive environment by putting employees’ names on jobs well done. Recognize positive customer feedback and reward techs who demonstrate a solid history of upsells.

Be mindful that many HVAC pros aren’t in this profession to be salespeople, so there’s a fine line between recognition and competition.

Not sure which line you’re walking on? Refer back to #1, and be sure you’re listening to your team.

3. Let your team in on the plan.

If you want your people to embrace your vision, they need to know what lies on the road ahead. You can’t expect your team to┬árally support if they have no idea what the future holds.

Touch base with your techs when they’re in the office to bridge any communication gaps.

4. Support their efforts.

Nothing disengages employees like a lack of support. Make sure someone promptly follows up on inquiries and leads obtained from your techs.