4 Easy Ways To Promote Client Loyalty Among Real Estate Clients

If you hope to build client loyalty in the real estate industry, it’s essential to go above and beyond what clients expect. Not sure where to start? Use the following four ideas to promote loyalty among your real estate clients.

1) Plan Loyalty-Building Events

You can hold any type of event you want, but two popular loyalty-building ideas include:

  • Client appreciation days – This could be anything from a poolside barbecue to a bowling outing or fireworks show. Client appreciation day is all about treating your clients to a fun, complimentary event to say thank you for their business.
  • Seminars – This type of event is the perfect way to further position yourself as a leading real estate expert. Use the seminar to educate clients on any homeownership-related topic you choose. You might conduct the seminar yourself or invite an industry expert to speak, such as an interior designer, flooring specialist or other professional who can offer valuable information to your home-owning clients.

These special events not only build client loyalty, but they also introduce you to potential real estate leads if you encourage your honored guests to bring family and friends with them.

2) Offer a Homeowner’s Checkup

Meeting with clients on an individual basis may be time consuming, but your A-list clients deserve this extra attention. After all, showing genuine interest and proving you care about more than simply making a sale is a great way to build client loyalty. A homeowner’s checkup may include the following:

  • Provide an update on local housing market information.
  • Conduct an inspection of the home.
  • Review the current mortgage.
  • Discuss the client’s home goals.

If you don’t have time to meet face-to-face or you simply want to check in on clients without taking up too much of their time, schedule quarterly phone calls to keep the relationship alive. Make note of the things you talk about in your customer relationship management (CRM) program so you can ask for updates the next time you call.

3) Send Thank You Cards

It’s a great boost to your business, not to mention a huge compliment, when a client refers you. By acknowledging their help, you make the client feel important and appreciated. Handwrite the thank you card to add an important personal touch.

In your note, thank the client and mention that your business relies on quality referrals such as theirs. Promise to take good care of the person your client referred. Later down the road, you may want to follow-up by sending another card to the referrer explaining the positive outcome that came from the referral.

4) Acknowledge Client Birthdays and Home Purchase Anniversaries

Keep track of dates with CRM software. When a notification alerts you of a client’s approaching birthday or home purchase anniversary, send a card and even a small gift if your budget allows. You help your real estate company stay top-of-mind when your clients are awed by the card and gift they receive in the mail from their agent.

Most businesses don’t go the extra mile, so most clients don’t expect it. However, you can steadily build real estate client loyalty by doing each of these tasks in addition to offering exceptional services to clients.

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