4 Mortgage Marketing Strategies To Broaden Your Client Base

For a busy mortgage professional, marketing can sometimes be overlooked or given minimal attention in favor of the daily tasks needed to run a successful company. Short-changing marketing, however, is damaging to your business in the long term. A dedicated investment in marketing now will ensure a broad and ever-expanding client base that will keep your company busy and profitable throughout the year. Here are four mortgage marketing strategies that are easy to implement.

1) Start or Revive Your Email Campaign

Email campaigns don’t have to be large, complicated productions that consume excess amounts of time and resources. However, to ensure the email newsletter is one of your more effective mortgage marketing strategies, you should:

  • Provide useful information, updates, industry insights and other material that readers can use to improve their lives, solve their problems, or better understand the complexities of the mortgage industry. Newsletters are marketing and sales tools, to be certain, but their sales aspect should be low-key and understated.
  • Make sure the newsletter is well written, edited and designed. Grammatical errors, misspellings, unattractive design, and other faults may cause readers to doubt your professionalism.
  • If you’ve tried an online newsletter in the past, try again. Prospects and clients have become more and more used to receiving information electronically, and online newsletters are a well-established part of that information distribution system.

2) Produce and Present Video Content

Electronic communication is common, but within that context, video content has become a strong resource for professionals who want to connect with their customers in the most effective way. Invest in a high-quality video camera and use it frequently. You can:

  • Produce video tours of your facility
  • Conduct interviews with key personnel in your company
  • Provide regular question-and-answer sessions
  • Create how-to videos or videos that address common industry topics

3) Maintain an Active Presence in Both Online and Offline Communities

Keep your name in front of your local audience by sponsoring events, volunteering at charity functions, making financial contributions to local organizations, or doing other philanthropic work that increases your local presence. Online, find financial related blogs, forums, chat rooms, websites and other areas where people interested in your industry gather and communicate. Post to these sites, answer questions, give advice, and be as helpful and friendly as possible. This lets you build your professional reputation while also subtly marketing your lending business.

4) Establish and Automate a Social Media Presence

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter—all are important social media platforms that should be used alongside other mortgage marketing strategies. Many of your prospects and clients will probably expect you to have a presence in these social media areas and may be concerned or suspicious if you don’t. To keep your social media participation timely, you can:

  • Look through financial industry publications and resources to find articles or topics of interest. Provide links to this content as part of your social media activities.
  • Produce one or two substantial posts per week that you can put on your Facebook page or other social media platform.
  • Send tweets and updates whenever you encounter a relevant topic, or keep a notebook full of ideas to use when you have the chance to concentrate on it.
  • Use the available tools to automate your social media postings. For example, the proper tools can let you load several updates at once that are distributed on a schedule that you establish. Don’t just set it and forget it, remember to listen and engage with your followers.

For more information on mortgage marketing strategies that can broaden your client base and increase your revenue, contact us.