4 Email Marketing Tips For Contractors

4 Factors to Focus on When Creating an Email Marketing Campaign for HVAC Clients

Email can be an extremely effective way for HVAC business owners to keep in touch with customers and bring in new business—or it can backfire. The best way to make sure your email marketing messages get through to your clients and make a good impression is to focus on four key email success factors.

In this newsletter, we’ll discuss how to use responsive design, a branded look and feel, intriguing subject lines and an on-target call to action to make your email messages powerful.

Look Good and Function Well With Responsive Email Design

You may have heard of the term “responsive design” in reference to your website, but it also makes sense for email. By responsive, we mean that your email should look good on any device that it’s viewed on. You have a limited time to delight a customer with your email message, and they have plenty of other things to read. If your message is convoluted or badly formatted, you may quickly get a “delete” or “unsubscribe.”

Similarly, when a client clicks through, your website should look just as good as your email, no matter the size of screen or device the customer uses to access your site. Check out your website pages and email messages on various devices and browsers to see for yourself. Need motivation? At least half of all email is opened on the go via mobile devices. The vast majority of recipients say they’ll delete if an email doesn’t make sense or look good. Wouldn’t you?

Become Familiar With Consistently Recognizable Branding

Each of your email marketing messages should represent you well. Your customer should be able to recognize you immediately. This helps them look forward to your regularly sent messages, provided you’ve been sending them useful and engaging content. Your consistent look and feel, or branding, should include a color scheme that’s always associated with your company, as well as a clear and well-designed logo.

A familiar layout is also an excellent feature to help you become familiar to customers. You can change it up once in a while to avoid becoming stale, but on the whole, a familiar pattern is good for relationship building and staying memorable over time. Most service providers offer templates to help you stay on track and send efficient and recognizable email messages.

Earn Attention With a Clever and Relevant Subject Line

Yes, you must earn your customers’ attention. It gets easier over time if you follow responsive design and branding best practices, but you can’t rest on your laurels. The bar for earning attention is high these days. Just think of how consistently full your own email box is! Sell your email’s value in the subject line to get email opened and read. Don’t just generalize and use superlatives; be specific and clear. Your clients will appreciate honesty and relevancy presented with your own special style.

Get the Action You Want With a Specific and Motivating Call-to-Action

So now what do you want me to do? Imagine your client is asking this at the end of each email. To be effective, you have to guide your reader to the next step and point to why it’s urgent to take that step! Don’t leave anyone guessing. Your email’s purpose must be crystal clear to get the response you want. Don’t be shy; your clients have opted in to get your email. They’ve shown their interest, so guide them forward!

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