Top 4 Apps Every Successful Realtor Has

Today’s fast-paced real estate industry requires you to make quick responses and have immediate access to information, even when you’re out and about. That’s where apps come into play. Whether you primarily use a smartphone, tablet or laptop, explore the best apps for realtors that will help you be a better, more effective agent.

With Dropbox, you can store all types of files in the cloud for instant access from any device with an Internet connection. Get in the habit of saving everything to the Dropbox instead of on the computer’s hard drive so you can access the file from anywhere and you don’t risk losing the information if your hard drive crashes.

Picture this: your client just divulged some new information and you need to edit a certain document with these new insights. Instead of waiting to make the edit on your computer when you get back to the office, make your life easier by pulling up the Dropbox app on your smartphone or tablet and make the changes right away.

With Dropbox, everything is automatically made private, but you can choose to share certain information with others. This is a great way to show dozens of pictures to a client without attaching them individually to several emails.

Real estate is a social business. Even if your company is already on Facebook, you could still benefit from having a presence on Twitter as well. Make an account and don’t worry about tweeting anything at first. The most important thing is to be in the know about everything going on in your community.

To do this, follow local leaders, city departments, school administrators, newspapers and news channels. The information posted by these sources give you up-to-the-minute talking points on your local community. With this additional knowledge, you can be a better agent for your clients.

Just 10 years ago, your method for signing contracts probably went a little something like this: you gathered outside the house and had your clients sign the paperwork. Everyone shook hands and you headed back to the office to fax the contract to the other party involved in the home sale.

DocuSign changes everything with electronic signature capture. As one of the best apps for realtors, it replaces the need to fax or print and scan contracts. These archaic techniques slow the process down, but DocuSign lets you get all the required signatures in just minutes. Simply upload the file from your computer or Dropbox, add the parties that need to sign and send the document for signature retrieval. Once complete, the document is stored securely for easy retrieval.

Stop carrying around little pieces of paper in your pocket for taking notes and switch to Evernote, one of the best apps for realtors. Use it to make inspection notes coupled with their corresponding pictures, jot down a phone number from a for sale sign, or make note of a task you need to do later that day.

These notes automatically sync across all devices, including your computer, smartphone or tablet, ensuring you can access them wherever you are. Evernote’s powerful search feature makes it easy to find specific notes.