4 Real Estate Marketing Rules You Should Break

While traditional real estate marketing techniques should be respected (they wouldn’t be traditional if they didn’t work), the biggest results usually go to those willing to periodically buck the tried and true.

A strong web presence and memorable business cards will always be important, but there are times that breaking out of your rut is the best approach. Here are four real estate marketing rules you can try breaking.

Rule #1: You Must Post, Tweet & Pin

Yes, it’s a social world, but take a good look at whether the platforms you’re using are really producing leads. Do most of your leads actually come from your Facebook page? If so, put your energy there and post less frequently on the rest.

Rule #2: All Content Must Be Timely

Seems like every day brings new challenges in how to maintain a healthy organic reach on Facebook. If you’ve been trying to outwit the platform’s algorithms by posting timely content, but it just doesn’t seem to be having an impact, try something else. You may be surprised to learn that when it comes to organic Facebook success, evergreen content has the advantage.

Rule #3: Think Like an Advertiser

Actually, today it’s more important to think like a publisher, and that means content rules. The companies people trust to offer them value are those that present them with a useful interaction in exchange for their own valuable time. When you make the switch to providing value, as in blogging about trends and mortgage rates, you’ll find that people will turn to you time and again when they need related services.

Rule #4: You Must Do X, Y, Z

Every “must” or “should” statement needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Trends are constantly changing and the world of real estate marketing is in continual flux. Be adaptable and don’t cling to the outdated musts of old.

Go ahead, break some rules! Success belongs to those who take bold action. What rules do you think are worth breaking?