Attracting Top Talent: 3 Things Your Firm Should Be Doing

shutterstock_151603850Regardless of your industry, it is a people business. Attracting top talent is on the mind of every business owner and manager. The basics of a good salary, retirement plans, and other benefits must be in place. But to keep top talent, you also have to provide job satisfaction. Just as acquiring customers is highly competitive, bringing the best team to your company often means taking them away from your competitors. Think of it like marketing your product or services to customers. Here are three things you can do to recruit the best workers.

A flexible work environment

This is the most significant change to the American workforce and job market landscape of the past 50 years. People take the work-life balance more seriously than ever before. Technology and changes in how business gets done make it possible for people to accomplish much of their work remotely. Even if the position does not allow people to work from home, consider flexible hours and ways your company can help with childcare for employees.

Meaningful work

People want to benefit their community and contribute to the lives of others. Not all companies are directly involved with medical research or green technologies. Attracting top talent begins with understanding how your company’s services or products are meaningful to clients and customers. When people believe their efforts have significant meaning for other people, they take pride in what they do. When interviewing candidates, ask about community projects and volunteer organizations that are meaningful to them. In addition to discussing salary, convey how your company can help them accomplish things in their community and that the company provides time off to participate in charitable causes.

Opportunities for growth

Provide career development plans and have opportunities for employees to grow within your organization. People do not only want to be rewarded for doing what they are told to do. They want to be in control of their lives and careers. Talk about their goals and how your company provides the tools to reach those goals.

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