4 Steps to Successfully Market Fall HVAC Tuneups and Winterization Services

As the seasons change, consumers are aware they need to schedule HVAC services. By conducting powerful HVAC marketing for fall, you have a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness, boost your client base and bring in more revenue. Follow these four steps to successfully market your HVAC tune-ups and winterization services this fall.

Step 1: Execute a Direct Mail Campaign
Direct mail should be a major tool for lead generation because it lets you stress the benefits of hiring your business, repeatedly exposes customers to your brand and targets prospects that are looking for your services. Your direct mail campaign should include the following:

  • Special offers: Consumers are advised to have their HVAC equipment tuned up every spring and fall. They want the cheapest option, which you can offer through a direct mail campaign using coupons. Offer a certain dollar amount or percentage off, keeping competitors’ prices in mind. Your deals will get the most attention if you offer the lowest price.
  • Target audience: To get more customers to seek winterization services from you, send postcards to homeowners who have lived in the same house for more than 10 years. If they haven’t addressed home sealing or insulation since they moved in, they should realize it’s time to give these issues some attention for more efficient winter heating. Your postcard gives them a reason to choose your company for the job.
  • Reactivation efforts: If a homeowner chose you for last year’s HVAC tune-up, send a reminder card encouraging them to choose you again. Outline the benefits of signing up for a preventative maintenance plan in the postcard to secure a more permanent customer. Create a pre-scheduled customer follow-up program to ensure your customers are hearing from you on a regular basis.
  • Mail tracking: Simply add a barcode to all postcards and USPS scans them as they pass checkpoints along the way to their final destinations. This helps make your HVAC marketing for fall as efficient as possible.

Step 2: Utilize Cross-Media
Adding a personalized URL (PURL) with customized landing pages for each recipient, adds a WOW factor to your direct mail. Your prospects will be curious to visit their personalized webpage to learn of their special offer or prize, tailored just for them. Adding this feature to your direct mail turns a traditional campaign to cross-media and adds another layer of tracking ability.

Step 3: Use a Remarketing Tool
Once they receive your postcard, 90 percent of interested prospects go online to check out your website before they call. If they decide not to call, you would ordinarily lose that lead forever, but with remarketing, you can stay at the front of the prospect’s mind until they schedule an appointment.
It’s quite simple to set up remarketing. Just add a bit of code to your website. If you don’t know anything about this, hire a programmer. Once established, the code tracks the behavior of website visitors. If they don’t fill out a contact form or set an appointment, they see targeted ads on a variety of websites until they return to your site and take the action you want. It’s a powerful tool, especially when coupled with direct mail HVAC marketing for fall.

Step 4: Track Calls
Call tracking routes all calls to your office but assigns a different phone number to each campaign. This way, you can track how many calls result from different marketing efforts. Call tracking gives you the power to measure marketing success and improve future campaigns to increase your return on investment.

With this four-step plan, you’re sure to enjoy a busy fall and winter season. For more tips regarding HVAC marketing for fall, please contact us today.