Inbound Marketing Techniques That Complement More Traditional Means

In today’s marketing environment, even content-centered inbound marketing can be less effective than traditional methods such as cold calling or email marketing. Customers simply can’t keep up with all the blogs, e-books, white papers, and websites that bombard them daily. Here are some ways you can use inbound marketing to give your marketing processes an advantage and break through the information overload.

  • Know your business and what your customers want: Effective inbound marketing requires a thorough knowledge of your business, your industry, and your customers. The more you know about who you’re trying to reach with your products and services, the better you’ll be able to tailor information resources to reach those customers. Generalized marketing methods only add to the information overload. When you know your business inside out and understand how and why your customers need your offerings, you’ll be able to narrow your inbound marketing processes enough to spark increased attention to your message.
  • Provide targeted, relevant content: When leads, prospects, and customers come to your blog or explore your website, they’re looking for specific information. They want to know what you offer and if your offerings will help solve their problems and relieve their pain points. Make sure the content you provide your leads and customers specifically addresses their needs and wants. An accounting firm, for example, should stick to relevant content that’s related to financial issues and how to resolve them. Avoid straying into nonrelated topics, generalized subject matter, or content that doesn’t mesh with your clients’ needs and interests.
  • Practice effective SEO: Maintain a focus on search engine optimization within and across all the inbound marketing techniques you use. Effective SEO will improve the search engine rankings of your content and make it more likely that your online resources are the ones leads and customers encounter first during searches. Improve SEO by including keywords in online content, in page elements such as image alt tags and meta descriptions, and in links to other pages on your site.

What else can you do to make your inbound marketing and content marketing processes more effective and efficient?

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