5 Steps to a Successful Prospecting Program

Technology, consumer buying habits, responses to advertising, and the condition of the economy all change, but the need for companies to prospect effectively always remains. Planning and launching a prospecting program is seldom a favorite activity for anyone. It can be difficult to find the best course for your company.

These five steps will get you heading in the right direction:

1. Know where you want to go.

It is a simple concept that many business owners overlook. You can’t know what direction to go without first determining your final destination. It’s easier to weather minor difficulties and recover from little failures when you keep your end result in mind.

2. Know your target market.

Even if your business serves customers of various ages and lifestyles, you should be as focused and targeted as possible with each prospecting program.

3. Set your budget.

Do not spend a dime until you have a realistic expectation of how much return you will get for your investment. You must establish a budget before you begin and stick with it.

4. Think creatively.

The average person views and ignores about 3,000 ads in a given day. Think about how your prospecting efforts are going to be viewed and how they can be more effective than the methods employed by your competition.

5. Make it applicable to multiple channels.

Social media is powerful and should be utilized, but you can’t rely on just one method of reaching prospects. Your prospecting program should touch base with potential customers multiple times and in a variety of ways. Multi-channel methods utilizing print and online together are likely to get a higher response than only one channel alone.

You should always be thinking about prospecting. Be mindful of how much your business relies on it for survival. Know who your customers are and be assertive about how you can benefit their lives with your products or services. Today’s marketplace requires you be adaptable and accessible to a variety of customers.