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5 Tips for Creating Effective Direct Mail Marketing Content

Even though much of today’s marketing efforts are focused online, the old tried-and-true method of direct mail marketing still works to produce leads and conversions. Here are five effective techniques for creating stronger content that will capture attention and convince readers to take the next step in the marketing process.

  1. Strive for simplicity: Keep your direct mail marketing copy interesting but easy to read and understand. Use short paragraphs and sentences, divide material with subheads that have a narrative flow, set useful material off with bullet points and repeat main points in different ways.
  2. Use evocative, image-rich language: Use detailed language that will appeal to the reader’s senses and desires. Describe the feelings that result from experiencing the benefits of your products and services. Appeal to readers’ self-interests and give them multiple reasons why your company is the best source for what they need. Use proven “magic” words such as “free” and “new” to spark interest.
  3. Stress your angle: Make sure your direct mail piece has a slant or angle that separates it from others of its kind. “Get rid of wrinkles with our skin cream” provides information, but “Look 20 years younger with our exclusive formula” demonstrates an enticing angle that makes your product unique and appealing.
  4. Tell a story: Use your direct mail piece to tell a story about your products or services that readers can relate to or see themselves a part of. Tell how the product was developed, how the founder went from rags to riches, or how a user changed his life by using your product. Keep the product and its benefits at the forefront of your story.
  5. Don’t give it all away at once: Use narrative techniques that heighten suspense enough to keep them reading. Drop hints about what you’re going to ultimately reveal. Use enticing subheads to structure the piece so that your reader gains an understanding, but not the whole story, from the subheads alone. When it’s time, make your point with clarity and power.

Where could you improve your direct marketing campaigns by using one or all of these expert suggestions?

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