repeat customer marketing encourages brand loyalty
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Best Ways to Keep Your Name in Front of Clients for Repeat Business

It takes time and resources to nurture a prospect from qualified lead to paying customer. The return on investment you’ve made in acquiring customers can be compounded significantly by pursuing repeat business from existing clients. Here are some effective ways to keep your name in your clients’ awareness so that they’re likely to turn to you when they need your types of products and services again.

  • Communicate regularly. Stay in touch with your customers through the many communication media available. Follow up after a sale and get feedback through customer surveys or a direct conversation. Send regular emails to stay in touch or provide customer-only coupons and offers. Send an occasional direct mail piece with exclusive offers and content. Pick up the phone and give your previous customers a call to check and see if there’s anything you can do for them. Keep the tone light during these communications and avoid pushing a sales agenda.
  • Promote their interests. When you see an article online or in a print publication that could be useful to your clients, email them a link or copy the article and mail it to them. If you find out about any seminars, newsletters, journals or other resources that could help them with their business, let them know. Send previous customers birthday cards, anniversary cards or congratulations on their personal and professional accomplishments.
  • Promote your expertise. Keep working on your professional reputation. Start your own, or contribute to relevant blogs, websites and message groups. Publish articles in industry publications and send copies to your clients. Give talks for local groups and invite your customers to attend.
  • Provide referrals. Anything you can do to help your customers with their businesses is likely to be appreciated and will develop strong ties of loyalty. If you encounter a business or individual who could be a potential client for them, send your customer a referral. Share important industry news and information.

Are you successfully pursuing repeat business by keeping in touch with your clients and providing them with opportunities to associate your name with expertise in your industry?

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