6 Ways to Inspire Lead Generation and Customer Retention this Spring

In the HVAC business, springtime is one of the best seasons to step up your lead generation and customer retention efforts. Waiting for the warmer weather to spur homeowners to contact you? That can put you well behind the competition. HVAC Spring lead generation can also help level out your workload. By contacting your leads and repeat customers in spring, you’re inspiring local residents to plan ahead. That’s a better solution, for all concerned, than waiting until mid-summer breakdowns. (And having your technicians struggle to keep up with the service calls.) Spring lead generation and retention programs can break the “feast or famine” cycle that plagues the HVAC industry. Here are some ideas to help bring in clients this spring:

Springtime HVAC Lead Generators and Relationship Builders

  1. Use direct mail for new leads. Direct response mailings get attention and results. They certainly stand out with the decrease in mail volume overall – but don’t rely on that alone to entice your potential customer. Make sure your offer is a big problem-solver for clients. Create an impressive postcard or mailer with an enticing headline, clear call to action and time limit to spur activity. Target new homeowners and repeat customers with offers tailored to them. Target the neighbors of your recent installations, promoting your expertise in the area.
  2. Promote your HVAC financing program. These ads do well in spring because the timing is good. Run a “No Payments for 6 Months” promo or ad, which allows the customer to see their summer energy savings before making that first payment.
  3. Get upsells or heating and cooling system replacement leads from maintenance agreement customers. HVAC checkups can keep you busy throughout the spring. Train your technicians to upsell or spot a hot lead to pass on to sales. The tech should be on the lookout for telltale signs that system or component replacement is on the horizon, such as older, buggy or inefficient HVAC equipment, potential high-dollar repairs, unhealthy refrigerant leaks, etc.
  4. Gain IAQ leads from maintenance agreement service calls. During the HVAC system inspection, check return air duct(s). This can open a conversation leading to an indoor air quality improvement sale. Your tech can suggest duct cleaning or other IAQ services, or leave behind a brochure explaining the health effects of moldy, dirty, leaky ductwork. You might also upsell a whole-house air cleaner for IAQ.
  5. Create a newsletter for customer retention and appreciation. Send an e-mail or printed newsletter to keep valuable customer relationships alive. Make sure to include an online form or postage-paid response card that asks for referrals as well as what your customers are interested in.
  6. Don’t forget your yard sign. It can close the circle of contacts you’ve been making with new homeowners in the area – or repeat clients. Seeing your brand and service advertised on a nearby lawn reinforces the messages you’ve been sending through social media, on and offline ads, newsletters, etc.

Bonus: 3 Clever Ways to Use Extra Printed Materials for HVAC Leads

  • Keep extra direct mail postcards or HVAC flyers in your service vans. Distribute to a few neighbors after a service call. (Don’t place them in the mailbox – it’s illegal.) Instead place them on the porch or screen door or get door hangers printed for this purpose.
  • Distribute extra (print or email) HVAC newsletters as premiums. Add “Free newsletter with savings tips for a cool summer” to your advertising and mail (or email) the newsletter to respondents.
  • Use HVAC newsletters as valuable leave-behinds. Techs can easily hand these to new customers upon leaving, telling them, “We wanted to share our money-saving HVAC newsletter.” The tech can start off (or revive) a long-term customer relationship with the useful, problem-solving advice packed newsletter.

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