Best Ecards For Business? 3 Tips To Guide Your Selection

ecards for businessUsing a combination of traditional mail and email, businesses can develop a highly efficient strategy to connect with existing customers, generate leads and increase brand awareness. Built on a foundation of a strong customer retention program, ecard programs in particular give businesses a low-cost communication method. What are the best ecards for business?

Businesses should build their email marketing strategy around three principles.

First, use them to mark special occasions. A variety of ecards are available to help you retain customers and generate leads.

  • Ecards are customizable to fit specific occasions. Sending thank you ecards after a sale or inquiry lets you strengthen a connection — and you can use them to give customers the opportunity to respond.
  • Optimize holidays and seasonal occasions by sending cards to touch base with customers. Seasonal ecards let you develop a unique relationship with your customers and position your business at the forefront of your industry, increasing brand awareness. Consider sending electronic greeting cards containing special offers and customized response forms.

Second, frequency makes a difference. How often you should send communication touchpoints depends on your business’ goals and your industry. Principles that should guide your decision:

  • Send ecards too often, and customers may begin to see your communications as “white noise” — they’ll end up tossed aside or unopened.
  • Send them too infrequently, and you’ll neglect to develop that personal relationship with customers. Such a strategy doesn’t grow brand awareness, either.
  • Experts generally recommend sending communication touchpoints about once every quarter, or four times a year. This approach gives you flexibility to approach your customers often enough to realize your goals.

Third, make a long-term ecard plan to deliver communications that grow your brand over time, generate leads and measure responses. At minimum, businesses should have a five-year plan for communicating with customers, with longer time frames producing optimal results.

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