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What Marketing Solutions Work For Service Industries?

cross media marketing campaignsMost small businesses in the U.S. that gross under $1 million in sales are service industry companies. These businesses often get caught in the trap of placing most of their emphasis on just staying in business rather than on developing overall, long-term strategies for success. Unfortunately, that means less opportunity to grow your company. Marketing solutions that can address that problem are crucial to long-term success.

For service industries, where the “product” is an intangible, developing marketing tools that help you to gauge where to place your focus is a key step toward growth. Among the marketing solutions that work especially well when applied to intangible services:

  • Cross-media marketing.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Marketing that targets your demographics.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Prospecting programs.
  • Business e-cards.
  • Customer retention.
  • Database management.
  • Lead generation.
  • Marketing to past and existing customers.
  • Thank you card marketing.
  • Programs that track and measure marketing campaigns.
  • Strategic up-selling and cross-selling.

As you develop these marketing tools, keep two important steps in mind. You’ll gain critical information about your target customer, finding out how they think, research and buy, and your competition. Use that information to implement marketing solutions that get a solid return:

  • Investigate your first customer. When customers purchase from you, what problem are they solving? How can you address that problem with benefits? What services can complement customer needs? Who makes the decision? How can you target decision-makers? The answer to these questions will help you customize marketing campaigns.
  • Evaluate the competition. By looking at businesses that provide a similar service, you can evaluate how the competition entices customers. What media tools do they use? What marketing tools do they implement? What secondary services are more likely offered?

With marketing solutions targeted toward your service industry, you’ll gain a better ROI on marketing campaigns — and boost your bottom line. Halo Programs is uniquely positioned to help service industries develop customized marketing solutions designed to increase customer traffic, generate leads and improve customer retention. Contact us today to find out more about our turnkey marketing programs.

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