Build Your Customer Base by Earning That “Best of” Distinction in Your Industry

In a competitive business environment, sometimes having a better reputation than your competition is enough to cause customers to choose you over others. Customers want reassurance that they’re getting the best possible products and services for their money. You can build your customer base effectively by showing leads and customers that you’ve been acknowledged by your peers as being among the best in your industry.

A good reputation offers social proof that you’re a high-quality choice for a customer’s needs, particularly when it’s bolstered by awards, certificates and other recognition from your industry. For professional validation of your company’s quality, consider taking the following actions:

  • Find out what awards and distinctions are available: Take the time to locate potentially beneficial awards, certificates, and other recognitions that will boost your reputation and give you more credibility within your industry. Your industry’s professional organization may have an awards program. A local newspaper or community group might give awards to companies in your area based on reader surveys or other criteria. Take the time to identify awards that you would be proud to receive and that could boost your company’s reputation.
  • Submit your company for consideration: Many awards programs allow and even encourage companies to nominate themselves for the award. Submit your company to awards¬†competitions that allow it. Ask some of your biggest customers to submit your company to relevant awards programs. Don’t be modest; if you feel you deserve the award and would be justified in receiving it, then go for it.
  • Publicize your accomplishments: When you win an award, make sure as many people know about it as possible. Again, don’t be modest. If you received the award, take advantage of it. Send a press release to newspapers, television stations and radio stations announcing your win. Prominently display any trophies, certificates or other tangible proof of your reward. Rework business cards, company websites, social media pages and promotional materials to include mention of the award.

What are you doing to build your customer base by pursuing “best of” distinctions in your industry and in your community?

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