A Solid Client Follow-Up System Should Include These 2 Steps

client follow-up services, Halo ProgramsAn effective client follow-up system is a two-step process: First, it should be set up for multiple years of company branded marketing communications on varying media; second, it should allow you to measure responses and track success.

With an Association of Sales Executives’ study showing that over 80 percent of sales occur only after five or more interactions with a customer, the need for client follow-up is clear. By creating a follow-up system, you’ll develop a steady stream of predictable leads, sales and profits, with a higher rate of conversions and referrals.

Three types of customers

To ensure a comprehensive client follow-up system, your program should focus on three types of customers:

  • New customers, or consumers who fall into your demographics but have never purchased anything from your business
  • Prospects, or consumers who have interacted in some way with your business but have yet to buy
  • Existing customers, or consumers who have purchased a product or service from your business

It’s important to segment customers, because your follow-up with each one will differ. For instance, a new customer will require more education regarding your products’ benefits, while you can concentrate on cross-selling and up-selling with an existing customer.

A client follow-up system’s foundations

A system that works should meet certain foundational principles. It must be:

  • Easy to use and systematic, following the same procedures each and every time
  • Able to produce the same results each time or successfully motivate consumers to the same action
  • Automated, so that it requires little interaction on your part — or that of your team
  • Able to generate exclusive leads for your products and services
  • Easy to gain access to comprehensive reporting

Continuity Program’s client follow-up systems meet all of these guidelines. They’re streamlined, automated and customizable to your business, with a measuring and tracking system via our Empower online database management system. And our programs target consumers at all levels.

Contact Halo Programs for more details about our turnkey marketing programs. Our client follow-up systems are customizable to your company brand, and personalized to each salesperson.