Generate Past Customer Leads For Sales Growth

generate past customer leads with mail, Halo ProgramsIf your method of generating past customer leads is more lackluster than high performance, why not seek out a tried-and-true customizable program that is designed to reconnect you with your inactive customer base and give your sales team something to get excited about?

Halo Programs offers a turnkey program that helps businesses establish communication with past customers. Our marketing solution will not only drive sales, but also re-educate consumers about your products and services, build your brand and boost overall brand awareness.

Our ReConnectTM Program generates many types of exclusive leads from your past customers:

  • Interest from past customers who are actively pursuing products and services that you offer but had forgotten your name
  • Family and friend referrals from satisfied past customers to your business. (You have to ask for them!)

The ReConnect Program helps to reestablish your business in the minds of consumers via a strategically developed stream of communication touch points. Each marketing touch point is designed to cross sell and allows consumers to interact with your business with a postage-paid response card or online response form. And the program capitalizes on cross-media opportunities that implement email marketing, printed direct mail, surveys, e-cards and greeting card tools.

With this continuing communication, you’ll find out just what your past customers are looking for, which will allow you to stand out from the competition and build each customer relationship. At the same time, you will have the ability to customize every communication to build your brand, and your sales teams will all be on the same page, further boosting the overall potential of your investment.

Why not take an untapped mine of sales potential and put it to good use? Call Halo Programs, and find out how our proven marketing programs are getting results for businesses in more than 20 industries. With our turnkey solutions, we’ll design and implement the entire company branded program for you so you can concentrate on your daily business activities.