Value Proposition

Contractor Marketing: Building a Killer Value Proposition

Do you know what a value proposition is? It’s the thing that attracts customers to your product or service. The value that your business is able to provide.

And this is more than just what your product or service is. There are tons of other businesses that offer your exact same product or service. But why should someone work with you over them?

That’s your value proposition.

There are many different things this could be, but we can all agree on one thing: your contractor marketing value proposition needs to be killer. Here’s how to build a killer value proposition.

1. Write out your value proposition.

About 54 percent of companies do absolutely nothing to optimize their value proposition. It’s there in the backs of their minds, but they’re doing nothing with it to get it in front of customers and to use it to prove themselves apart from their competition.

Write out your value proposition and include it on your website for customers to easily find. Tell them exactly what you offer that your competitors can’t or won’t.

It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out thing. It can be just a sentence or tagline, like Shopify’s: “Shopify is everything you need to sell everywhere.”

2. Determine your offer.

What is it that your business can do that others can’t? Maybe you’ve created such a great customer service team and process that no other company matches. Maybe you offer a special service or have the know-how for things that your competitors don’t.

Figure out what it is that makes you and your business unique and run with it.

3. Make it clear and concise.

Don’t make your value proposition difficult to understand. Even if what makes you different is filled with industry jargon, rephrase it in a way that anyone could understand. Your value proposition isn’t offering your customers much value if they’re not really sure what it is.

Building a killer value proposition in your contractor marketing is one of the best ways to put yourself ahead of your competition.