HVAC Marketing

HVAC Marketing: Collecting High-Quality Testimonials

One of the best strategies for HVAC marketing is to utilize the good testimonials that your past customers have given you. There’s nothing stronger than the social proof of happy customers to make someone want to work with you.

So how do you go about collecting high-quality testimonials to share on your website, on your social platforms, and in your marketing materials? Here are a few ideas to get started with now.

1. Ask for testimonials.

It’s so basic that most business owners don’t even realize it’s an option. If you’ve just finished working with someone who is very happy with your service, ask if they’d give you a testimonial or review. You could ask right when you’re finishing up service or┬ásend them an email shortly after. You want to make sure you ask soon after you’ve completed the work so the experience is still fresh in their mind.

2. Offer an incentive to your customers.

Let customers know that you offer something for free or some kind of discount if they give you an online review or testimonial. There are many different incentives you could offer. You might include a free check-in on their HVAC systems, a discount on a future service, or an entry into a big drawing for a gift card or other prize.

3. Offer an incentive to your employees.

Get your employees to start asking the people they’re working with for reviews and testimonials as well. Give them something in return for each testimonial they bring in. This can also incentivize your employees to do better work and get more good testimonials. This can be anything from a small bonus to a day off, depending on how many testimonials they have been able to bring in.

There are many ways to use testimonials in your HVAC marketing, so implement asking for testimonials at multiple levels of your business.