Contractor Marketing

Contractor Marketing: Making the Most of Email

A lot of contractors are still stuck in the age of not collecting customer email addresses. Email marketing is a cost effective way to reach your customers. In 2017, email should definitely be a part of your contractor marketing strategy.

Here are a few ways to help your business make the most of email.

1. Ask for the email address of each of your customers.

When you work with someone new, ask for their email address on the paperwork they fill out for you. Include a checkmark that asks if you can send them marketing materials.

Getting the emails of each person you work with is a great way to start building a list from your existing clientele.

2. Create an opt-in freebie.

The next way to start building your email list is by offering something of value for free in exchange for an email address. This is called an opt-in freebie or a lead magnet. It can be an ebook or PDF that shows your customers or potential customers how to do something. There are many different options for your opt-in freebie. You just have to determine what is going to be of the most value to your potential customers so they will give you their email address.

3. Send emails on a regular schedule.

Larger businesses send daily emails, some businesses send monthly emails. Find your¬†sweet spot for regularly scheduled email marketing so that you stay top of mind, but you aren’t overwhelming anyone’s inbox.

Send newsletters with industry information, blog posts repurposed, employee spotlights, recent work your business has completed, and more. Include a call to action somewhere in each email, but make sure not every email you send is too promotional.

Email marketing should absolutely be a part of your contractor marketing strategy.